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Guy’s dad pretends to leave and hides in bathroom
Guy's dad pretends to leave and hides in bathroom

Some dads, you just don’t trust them. Especially dads and especially you don’t trust them around your hot girlfriend! In this insane story, the guy was busy with stuff and gave his father the car keys to go get some groceries. The guy’s girlfriend was busy cleaning at that time. Well, what did the old fucker do? He’d been making lewd remarks to the girl for a while and after that hid in the bathroom and waited for his prey. Abra cadabra, hocus pocus, next thing you know, they’re already porking in a far away room! The bastards! Double betrayal for the guy here at My Sons GF.

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Dad defiles son’s gf with his fat mean dick
Dad defiles son's gf with his fat mean dick

You may think there’s nothing wrong with your dad having the keys to your apartment – but wait till you see this. The guy was away, his pretty young girlfriend was taking a shower and then his old man came by. The horny geezer just couldn’t miss that chance could he. Watch him hide her clothes while she’s still in the shower (a gorgeous sight, by the way), and then he started fooling around and teasing her, not giving the clothes back. Well, he knew his ways for sure, soon she was taking his meaty shaft like the bad slutty girl she was! It was really shocking and the guy just lost it when he finally came at My Sons GF.

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Slutty girlfriend gets plenty of help with studies
Slutty girlfriend gets plenty of help with studies

It all was really idyllic. The family was at their country house, the guy and his father were doing some work while the guy’s girlfriend was reading for her next exam. But then it all started going wrong. The girl asked for help with her studies – and from the father, not her boyfriend! Chemistry started working between them and the father sent his son on some errand. What followed next would probably be best described as an outdoor-gone-indoor taboo fuckfest! Words are useless to describe it, and it goes for how much the bf was upset, too at My Sons GF!

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Family in debt, girlfriend pays with her body
Family in debt, girlfriend pays with her body

Borrowing money from your parents may seem like a safer way to go, but apparently you might as well be headed for bitter dissapointment – and even more. This guy here had to return a debt to his dad and went out to find an ATM. In the meantime, his girlfriend, who didn’t know he could actually pay the father back, had a different scenario in mind. Watch her approach the father and offer her body as payment. Woah! We mean, it’s your son’s girlfriend, but then again who could resist? The dad invaded every hole on her body with his mean thick dick and then his son came back… Now that was fucked up at My Sons GF!

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Don’t wait in his father’s lair, silly girl
Don't wait in his father's lair, silly girl

They had planned a family dinner, the guy, his girl, and his dad. The chick left work early and went straight to the father’s place to wait for her boyfriend. He wasn’t there yet, so she thought, what the hell, I’ll take a shower. Looks like she shouldn’t have. The father spent a while spying on the girl as she was showering (well, many of us would) and then took her to his room for some talking – during which he just tore her towel off and started feeling her up! Shocked and excited, the girl couldn’t do anything about it, but her boyfriend wished she had… at My Sons GF.

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Nude sunbathing in the country goes wrong
Nude sunbathing in the country goes wrong

Ready for a countryside adventure which will totally rock your world? Sit back and watch as things get more complicated – and a lot dirtier – in this very special episode. The girlfriend here was in the mood for some topless or perhaps even nude sunbathing. Her boyfriend was totally going to join her but his father had other plans. He made the guy stay and do some work around the house. Of course the filthy father went to sneak a peak himself. When he saw the girlfriend wearing almost nothing, playing with her wet pinkie, well, he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. It all went totally wrong (as if it wasn’t wrong enough already) pretty soon at My Sons GF!

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Father punishes son’s gf with hard cock
Father punishes son's gf with hard cock

Family matters, huh. Some pretty crazy shit can happen, and here, it did. The three of them, the guy, his dad and his gf, were hanging out in the room. Gradually everybody left to do some errands except the girl. She spotted the old man’s wallet on the couch and thought she could easily snatch some dough. Well, she did, and of course he found out. The situation made his heart run faster. He bent the silly young bitch over his knee and gave her pert little ass some hard slapping. After that, both were too hot to stop… See to what extremes they went, and how mad the guy was at My Sons GF!

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Bf’s dad got lucky after abusing himself
Bf's dad got lucky after abusing himself

At this guy’s age, and if you have been doing things right, you can just kick back and have fun. That’s what he was doing, chilling out on terrace and ending up playing with his filthy horny dick – right there and then! Too bad his son’s fiance was around at that time. It was too late to stop so he literally buried his face in her crotch, and who wouldn’t? See how the girl yields to the demands of the horny bastard and lets him poke her wet pink for the entire world to see. For her hung boyfriend too, and imagine what the guy felt when he saw them at My Sons GF!

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